About us

Greetings from the President

Representative Director Masayoshi Kumada

Globalization Strategy for Saitama
 I was born in Saitama, and I would like to dispel the fact that Saitama has become the "lame Saitama" and the "worst 3" in terms of attachment. I decided that.
 In order to do so, we have participated in local events, business plan contests and competitions.
 However, I felt that something was missing, so I turned my attention abroad. I knew that there was a lot of attention being paid to Japanese food there, and this is it! I thought to myself.
 I will build "Saitama Town" in New York, the center of the world, starting with gyoza, and create a "Japanese brand" unique to Saitama with the "culture", "tradition" and "technology" of Saitama. I think that's my strategy for capturing the "uncool Saitama".

Company Profile

Company Name Denden Corporation
Address 〒338-0014 1-1-3-102 Kamimine, Chuo-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture
HP http://denden-gyouza.com
TEL 048-753-9398
FAX 048-753-9593
Business Description Manufacturing and sales of gyoza
Establishment February 2014
Main Business Partners KANTO-KOSHIN KUBOTA CO., LTD./株式会社古丹/Yokomizo Inc./有限会社大野農場/Preco M.Unit Corporation.
Main Banks Saitama Resona Bank, Musashino Bank, Japan Finance Corporation, Saitama Shinkin Bank

History of the Company

2014 Denden Corporation was established.
2015 Participated in a local residents' event "Sankyu Sando" on the Omiya-Hikawa approach.
2016年 Developed "Sai no Kuni Bonsai Gyoza" based on the concept of a Saitama specialty, and won the "Business Plan Award" at the Saitama City New Business Awards 2016.
  • Bonsai gyoza", a new specialty of Saitama, was introduced and sold at the World Bonsai Convention in Saitama.
  • First participation in the gyoza festival "Gyoza festival.
  • Participated in the Hanoi Test Kitchen Project in Vietnam with the cooperation of JETRO. Discovering the potential of Japanese food.
September 2018 Opened a gyoza restaurant in Nanja Town in Ikebukuro as a representative of Saitama.
July 2019 Participated in the "JAPAN Fes" in NY Times Square
and became the first Japanese gyoza restaurant to open in NY.
November 2019 Participated in a pop-up shop in NY.
March 2020 From Saitama, we opened a shop in New York, the center of the world.